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Our Mission

Delicate - Sustainable - Memorable

Mission: Welcome

Sushi Jawn is dedicated to providing the highest quality cuisine, according to principles we hold dear. Our goal is to educate and inspire our guests with innovative, sustainable food options with eco-friendly convenience. 

SushiJawn encourages the insight and attention to what is presented on your plate, as well as its responsible origins. With ever-expanding ideas on health consciousness, restaurants are popping up all over with the notion of providing more people with healthier, more convenient food options. Our oceans are integral to life on this planet. They form a critical part of the carbon cycle and greatly influence global climate and weather patterns. One of the overwhelming issues we face in the food industry is overconsumption and waste.

Let us strive to preserve and enjoy what mother earth has given us. Sushi Jawn only supplies sustainable, responsibly caught fish and fresh local produce from surrounding regional farms. Sushi Jawn proposes all things in balance to prevent overfishing our already jeopardized oceans. Let us show you the benefits of care and craftsmanship that runs through every aspect of our mission - we believe the rewards will prove themselves.

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